Basic Requirements

What are the Basic Requirements Of Homestay Families?

To be involved in the Host Family program at SVC, we ask that hosts agree to do the following:

  • First and foremost is the desire to build relationships with the student, and inviting them to become a part of the family.
  • Providing a warm and stable home for the student to learn and grow in.
  • A variety of nutritional foods and the option of preparing their own foods.
  • A willingness to teach the buses, banking, phone and more.
  • Homes must be within a 45 minute travel to the college by bus, bike or walking.
  • Assist in the process of expanding their English skills through daily conversations and interactions.
  • Respecting the religious/spiritual beliefs of the student
  • Maintaining and respecting confidential information that is shared from the student or about the student.
  • Not using hosting as a way of supporting yourself financially or a means to learn a new language.

What Is Not Required Of Homestay Families?

Students are, for the most part, legal age and considered to be college students. Although we can have students as young as 16 years old, they are all responsible for some of their own expenses.

Hosts are not responsible for the following:

  • Student Finances � students are responsible for setting up their own bank account. Host families are not responsible for providing an allowance, monitoring spending, or lending money.
  • Personal Items � students are responsible for purchasing their own toiletry items, school supplies, club memberships, social events, etc. However, if the family takes their student to dinner or a social event, typically the family is responsible for the cost.
  • Food and Health Monitoring � hosts are not responsible for putting the student on any kind of diet including one for personal or religious beliefs. Hosts are, however, responsible for providing healthy meals and snacks.
  • Student Transportation � Although hosts are encouraged to help the student learn about local transportation options, hosts are not required to regularly provide student transportation. It is recommended that hosts not take on the personal liability in teaching a student how to drive or getting involved with anything to do with cars!!

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