Welcome To Homestay


Anji Viola
Program Coordinator
Phone #360-416-7814
[email protected]


We appreciate your willingness to reach out and share our culture and values with the international student community.  Our hope is that your time spent hosting an international student will be an enriching and mutually rewarding experience.


The information provided here, along with myself, is to acquaint you with our program and to offer you help and information that will be useful to you and your student.  Upon the in-house orientation you will be provided with a handbook.  There you will be able to find program material, cultural information relating to hosting, college contact information, a list of community resources, and a myriad of other basic information to get you started.


Much training and cross-cultural learning happens on an on-going basis.  Hosts who have welcomed international students into their homes for years are still learning, improving and adjusting.  There are certainly common features experienced by both host and student within the Homestay experience; however there is not a manual written that prepares you for every eventuality that Homestay may present.  Indeed, inviting a young adult from a foreign culture into your home can be nothing less than an adventure!


We're pleased you've chosen to join us in this exciting and educational program.  Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you in the future.  



Anji Viola


Program Coordinator


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