Host Testimonials

"Sharing your home with an international student is like the world coming to your doorstep. I can find out about new places on a first hand basis and never pack a suitcase."

Patricia Nicholson 2004

"I know what its like coming to a new country and the difficulty in communication, because I was once there. I'm just a mom, and if I am not caring for someone then I am not doing my job!"

Nell Annema 1965

"Hosting has been a life-changing experience for us. Our student has become a part of our family. This experience has been one of the most positive things weve ever done."

Alan, Amy, and Denny Muia 2000

"Its been a wonderful experience for our entire family. A lot of love has been exchanged between our family and the students to the point that we now have an extended family throughout the world."

Duane & Debbie Kanske 1993

"We have thoroughly enjoyed each student and the differences they have brought to our family. It has been a great learning opportunity for us as well as for the students."

Steve & Sue Carpenter 1998

"I am a Homestay MOM! Wow, what a blessing. Opening my home and heart to international students is an awesome and rewarding experience. They have enriched our family life and opened our minds to the world around us."

Norma Lisherness 2003

Student Testimonials

"I feel that I am just as much supported by my host family as I am by my family in Korea. I can experience real American culture. My English has improved as I talk with my host mom a lot."

Bona Hong Korea

"Living in a Homestay is like living with my real family. My host mother took very good care of me and treated me like her own child. I learned a lot about American culture and enjoyed celebrating the holidays with my new family."

Yung Yat Sik Hong Kong

"I like the comfort and sense of hospitality which reigns in the house no matter what. Being a host is a commitment and dedication that I respect. I have found my second home."

Louis-Claude Nguea-Njoh Cameroon

"I have learned a lot by staying with a host family. They have given me full support since I arrived in America. I really appreciate that my host mom is a good cook, you cant get such good food in the dorms or an apartment."

Lam Kit Man Macau

"Im a new student and this is my first time abroad. My host family has helped me a lot with my difficulties. They treat me with much respect and care for me. I really like their big house with a beautiful garden; its always nice to come home to that."

Hoang Tung Vietnam

"First I was worried about living with people who spoke a different language, but now Im enjoying having conversations and meals with my host family. When I am homesick, their smiles make me feel better! I really love them."

Ayano Tonoki - Japan

Skagit Valley College 2007

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